Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Parent Wars...

My son has autism. I will do everything in my power to help him learn and excel in every possible way that I can. I love him dearly, autism or not.

I do not understand why some parents feel that if you love and accept your child it means no intervention or that if you intervene you are not accepting your child. Huh?

Acceptance does not mean settling .

Acceptance to me means you accept what has been handed to you and continue on forward to help your child. There is nothing wrong with that.

I became enraged this morning when ,while visiting an online forum, there was a lot of Jenny McCarthy bashing going on. Who in their right mind would lash out at another mom who has lived through what we all live through and more and has stepped out to help us get the word out? She didn't have to do that. She could have stayed mum on the topic and simply enjoyed her almost recovered child!

Instead, she chose to write a book on the topic and take on mainstream mentality in an attempt to share what she learned while going through it. Because of it, some parents are targeting her because "they" say she posed in Playboy, is wealthy, has a potty mouth, is taking advantage of the opportunity and much much worse comments.


I cannot believe it. I just cannot. Who cares!

For the longest time we have been fighting for research to be focused on the right thing that will help our children. We have wanted to keep bringing up vaccines so that more research can be done and a gentler schedule can be released. We have been wanting to inform parents that a Gluten Free Casein Free diet can perhaps help. These topics and many more is what Jenny is representing and yet there are parents out there so bitter and blinded that they cannot see past her beauty and bank account? wow

Why the parent wars?

Why not agree to disagree and stop the name calling?

Why not accept that any publicity is good publicity and that the more awareness the better?

Why not?

How can some parents not believe that children can recover?

Is it jealousy? I cannot believe that.

How can a parent not be happy another child has recovered?

Do I wish that was my child that recovered?


Do I dislike someone because they achieved it and not me?

Absolutely not

Can everyone please put your guns down and FOCUS on the goal here?


For that, I praise Jenny.
Autism Speaks? nope

Jenny Speaks


GFCF Mommy said...

Yes, I just read the same onlne group this morning and was glad the moderator stepped in. (Love the nuclear explosion photo, BTW!) I don't understand the divisiveness either.

On YouTube there are these two guys who do autism parent videos, "philcommander" who is pro-biomed and "christchurch" who is more conservative in the "accept don't cure" camp. They rival each other all the time in their videos, but yesterday philcommander toasted christchurch on his 100th video and on "being a good dad" and christchurch said something nice back. They were able to "agree to disagree" and I don't know why the rest of the world can't get that too.

One can certainly want to make the quality of life better for their child and also accept them for who they are too. I don't see those as mutually exclusive.

Sorry to rant on your site! Gotta get my ideas sorted out to post on my own blog about this. But I don't want to add to the nuclear mushroom clouds I see all over the internet either. I love your Peace sign too. "Give Peace a chance" ASD moms and dads!


Thomas Dzomba said...

Queen Bee,

I love your post. I think a lot of us have been touching on this subject lately with Jenny's public appeaerances. I can only hope that peace could happen - it would be best for our children.


iCan said...

I am, quite frankly, afraid to post anywhere. As soon as I posted the clip on YouTube (That's my son, thanks for linking! He LOVES to see pictures of himself, lol!) I got a couple of comments trying to incite me into commenting back in a negative or defensive way. I know my beliefs are not, perhaps, widely held, but I refuse to fight about them.

It's nice to see someone taking a step back and appreciating the fact that someone with a wide audience is bringing attention to our children and this disorder.

I loved gfcf mommy's comment, too.

"One can certainly want to make the quality of life better for their child and also accept them for who they are too. I don't see those as mutually exclusive."

I don't want to change my son. I want to help him navigate his own way. Lately, he's been telling me more about how he feels. Yesterday, he asked me if he was different. And I said yes. He is my wonderful, loving, smiling, affectionate little man. And I wouldn't trade him for the world!