Wednesday, November 7, 2007

10 steps forward, 2 steps back?

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So much has happened since my last post! In a nutshell:

- MRI came back normal (of course it did)

- I now LOVE my son's teacher. Boy was I wrong. I admit it. This woman has been an angel in our lives. She cares so much and her teaching is with her 24/7. You can tell she goes home and is always thinking of the kids and what else she can do. Always reading and coming up with new ideas and projects. I will be forever grateful.

- Some verbal gains in request form. Still no conversation. (requested Cliclitown Heroes, Doodle'bugs' lol, LililiEinsteins all shows he had no idea I had taped for him but read the titles in the dvr taped list and requested them.

- Had been doing fabulously in reading sight words.

- Speech Eval came back, went to the insurance department and now it's sitting in the "scheduling department" before they call me so that he can start speech at the new center.

- Contacted the school's speech therapist who had not contacted me since school started and have now begun to get regular updates.

- The return of more ear covering, humming and some tantrums. Not sure what to blame this one on yet.

-Might be blaming it soon on the DMSA suppository he just started a week ago. I hope this is not the case but we shall see.

- Sent in a form to begin process for Auditory Integration Therapy.

- Had a long discussion last night with my father in law and his wife as to why he eats what he eats and how he eats it. They seem to think it's really easy to get him to eat everything. I hate those conversations. They also think it's not rocket science to potty train him. Well then, come on over buddy. You do it. :( grrrrrrrrrrrr

- Had an IEP meeting this morning which went smoothly. Most of the things my son is learning are out of the IEP but stem from the actual "goals" if that makes sense. I would say that this year, iep or no iep, he is getting a lot from his teachers. luckily.

That's pretty much our update. We have had a rollercoaster year but all in all we seem to be in better spirits lately and I might be finding that light at the end of the tunnel I had lost some time ago. This year has been really tough on us. I have high hopes for this coming year!

Deep breath.


GFCF Mommy said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for you, I know you have wanted this for awhile.

I can't believe you didn't tell me the other day! But I know it's nice for it to be a secret for you and the hubby for awhile too.

Glad to hear the IEP went ok. Yeh, I remember those grandparently potty-training comments. Forget about them. No one understands but us BTDT ASD parents.

Does the teacher have any potty-training suggestions?


Jenn said...

Love the today's fact, Hubs and I were just saying the same thing last night.

Glad to hear the IEP meeting went well and you are happy with the teacher!

And WOW! SO happy for you and the pregnancy! Congrats! Love the way you just kinda' snuck that last little announcement in at the bottom there. Caught me by surprise.

Thomas Dzomba said...

Congratulations!! I am praying that everything goes well during your pregnancy.


Queenbee said...

Thanks Thomas! Very exciting yet frightening times over here with this toxic world we live in!

Susan said...

Congratulations! We have a 7-year-old son with ASD and a baby daughter; he's a brother in love.

Good luck managing all the therapies and teachers,'ve got all my sympathies there.

wishing you all the best--

Queenbee said...

Thank you so much Susan. It's exciting and scary, we are not sure how to deal with it yet. This is what we wanted but as you clearly understand that autism again fear is very real!

Welcome to my blog!