Tuesday, March 18, 2008

DAN doc update...

Just got off the phone with our DAN Doc regarding results on some recent blood work:

-He thinks my son might be borderline hypoglycemic. His blood sugar level was low and he says he needs to be fed constantly and with not too much sugar. Will need to do another blood test but he thinks it’s not too serious.

-One of his liver acid levels is too high and he is sending him a milk thistle/artichoke liver health
supplement to help with that. He assured me that the chelation had nothing to do with it. Sigh.

-His potassium is high and he says he just does not know why and that we should retest that along with the liver in about a month. I Just now remembered that he eats a banana a day. Could that be it? I e-mailed him to see what he says about that.

-I messed up and there was an urine test I was supposed to do but didn’t. I started to tell him I did not have that kit when I look and see that I had placed it in the under part of the island so of course, out of sight, out of mind, I forgot it. Grrrr it was the most important one! The one for the yeast! Will do that today! Geez, it's not like I have a lot to remember right?

-He says he is developing a possible allergy to soy, so to cut that 50%. I told him it’s just 2 yogurts a day and he said to cut it to 1 or cut them both out. Great. More stuff he can't have.

-Also said to alternate the peanut butter with cashew butter and almond butter so that he can stay eating it or he can develop an allergy to that as well……

-There is a crab reaction showing in his food panel IgG, since he has never had crab then it comes from ME!!!!! WOW!!! 5 ½ years later????????? Incredible! ( I do love crab-urgh)

-I asked him about liquid zeolite and NDF Plus (those are 2 steps out of 7 that my son has NOT done in a non Dan protocol someone sent me). He says it’s “crap” and “bunk” ,that the guy that presented that at a DAN Think Tank comes from a company that sells everything “pyramid” style , that it’s super expensive and that while it's not harmful- it is not worthy of looking into . I know a mom who swears by this and says it helped her son recover. It's a tug of war of the cures I tell ya. How do we know who to believe? I know people who say that about DAN docs but here I am believing in one. What gives? I guess you can try anything once no? We have been doing the Authia cream with great success. We will start the dmsa again this week. He has been off of it for 4 weeks because I did not want to mix it with the Authia but he said it was ok.

So we are not off the chelation hook just yet. I swear every time I start to waver on chelating, I remember his urine toxic metals test and stay strong. How could all of those metals have gotten into my baby? it is ridiculous!

He has been increasingly curious and mischievous these past 2 weeks. He gets into everything and touches everything! It's like a delayed terrible 2's which he never had. Funny that us ASD parents praise this "Yes! he is getting into trouble-woohoo!!!" To us it's a step closer to being "normal" . I use the word loosely because as we all know, "normal" is just such a biased word, an open book for interpretation.

Yes, whatever "normal" is, we want it!
(by the way, had to share the clipart above! I LOVE IT!)


Apple_Mark said...

Im feeling psychic link here!!!
I was about to do the monkeys thing with the NHS NAS AND GMC

Queenbee said...

great minds think alike! lol

Cyndi said...

I LOVE this pic!!! lol :)

DO you mind if I ask who is your DAN...or at least where he/she is located in FL? We'll be moving next year to the Jacksonville area so we'll porbably need to find a new/closer one.