Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Flying nightmare

Did everyone read this story?

Sickening I tell ya. What is more sickening is reading the comments some readers have left.

Wow! one thing is a crying toddler, another is a crying toddler with autism.

As a parent, one of the first things I learned was how awful it was to be on the crying side getting awful looks. As an parent of a child with autism it is that x 10 because you cannot explain to your child what is going on! that is the part people just don't get.

They are wired differently. They reason differently. My goodness, people need to have a little more patience and not be so judgemental towards others. Had that woman kept coming over to my son and told him to calm down or try and touch his seatbelt, well, let's just say it would not have been pretty. Had my son been on the runway just taxiing around for an hour before taking off, yes, he would have been really pissy. And you what? he cannot control what he feels and his reactions? especially not at 2!

Autism has taught me to try to never assume and question any feelings I have before pointing fingers. Who wants to listen to a child scream at the top of their lungs? certainly not anyone! If you know autism, you know more than likely the parent is trying to keep things under control but it is VERY hard.

I stopped reading the abc board comments halfway down because it hurt. It did. One person even going as far as saying that flights are for peace , quiet and sleeping. Sigh. Geez, I thought they were to get from point a to b.

So I think, from now on, since you all know I don't sugarcoat things, I will wear this pin on flights for all those people who refuse to be a little understanding of a frantic parent trying to control their child:

and I INVITE any airline to try and throw me out of a plane. I just might hit the jackpot with that one.


J said...

LOL.. It's a sad situation especially when people are not understanding but I love how you put a little humor in it at the end. I definitely need a button like that! We have had our fair shares of scream fits in public with lots of stares.

iCan said...

Lol, love the button. I made the mistake of commenting on this story on a website called LilSugar. These people commenting on how the parents must not know how to handle their children are just nuts.

There's a new reality show on TV giving babies to kids to raise for a day or two...maybe they need to step into our shoes for a day.

What is going on with all of this intolerance and hate?

Sorry...I'm just

Queenbee said...

Thanks J for the support.

Ican, still can't see your blog :(
but thanks for your comment, I could not believe the disgust and lack of tolerance by some people in those comments. It's why I would not think twice about truly wearing the button in public. So what? be labeled crazy? I already am so at least with the button I can say what I truly feel.

A reality show would be grrreat. Maybe one of those wifeswap shows can do it!

Cyndi said...

I hope the flight "attendant" gets her ass kicked.
PS Love the button!

lonestar818 said...

love the button!! I was pretty disgusted by the hurtful comments people made too, had to quit reading them. I posted about it on my blog a few days ago if you want to check it out.

ican - I so agree, would love if people who are so judgmental could walk a day in our shoes. Only problem with that is, I wouldn't trust anyone like that to switch places with me for 10 seconds! :-)

TLC said...

You cannot take it personally...they are acting out of their ignorance. Educuation makes a difference for some... others are a lost cause.


Send Chocolate

Maddy said...

Having just made our own annual flight, I certainly sympathise.

I also agree 100% that it's only having had the children that I do, that I've learned not to point a finger as you just never know what is going on in other people's lives.

Best wishes

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