Friday, July 18, 2008

Big Disney news and more updates on us!

It has been a while. Where has this summer gone? wow.
He starts school in 4 weeks. What is that? CRAZY I say.

So much has been going on that I don't even know where to start. I think I will have to just post the readers digest version. I don't think I will have time to get into all of the details.
- Biomedically we added daily doses of acai , lipoic acid and rivoflabin. With the results we just had, it seems to indicate that the lipoic acid is helping to pull out more metals out of his system. In regards to stools, well, without getting into too much poop talk I will say this: the boy pooped great before and is a master pooper now. How can all of that come out of him?

Ok, on to better topics :)
- Improvements in articulation
- Mastering 8 to 12 piece puzzles patiently
- Copying block patterns on the table versus on top of the display
- Happy, patient and very calm
- Still stimming covering the ears, minimum humming and fingers in the mouth. I guess his teeth are bothering him and about to fall out? Not sure.
- Can now use yes and no appropiately though it has to be to topics he knows. I can ask "Do you like the Red Sox?" and he will proudly say YES. (even though he knows nothing about baseball)Therefore, I know he still doesn't comprehend it all but we are getting much closer now. I especially enjoy it when I say "It's sleepy time!" and he replies "no thank you". ha ha ha ha
- Continues to use kisses, hugs and "I sorry" to get us to forgive him or get what he wants. Hard to cover up the smiles off our faces when we are trying to be firm and act mad. But it's sooo incredibly cute!
- Cried the other day when a boy that was here at home playing with him left. He was very upset. He has never cared whether anyone other than mommy and daddy left the house. He was having such a good time interacting with the other boy. We could not believe it.
- He knows my name and daddy's name too!

We just returned from Disney. Yes, I said it. Disney.

Those who read my blog KNOW all about my last Disney experience or lack off actually.

If you want to catch up read and relive my pain it's here :

Well my friends, it happened. The magic of Disney finally happened for us. Maybe it was more the magic of "parents spending too much money on recovering a child through therapy, biomedical and pure will" but I will go with the flow here and pretend it was the Disney magic.
The number one change this time? my mom did not go with us. Woohoo! sounds mean but boy did it make a difference. Imagine! I was able to call the shots on my own child! what a concept!

I did not make any morning character breakfast reservations this time. We got up and spent hours in the hotel room having breakfast and fixing his lunch and dinners to be with us at all times. We all know how long that can take. Takes forever especially if you add the supplement concoctions that involve measuring and dividing 18 supplements into Gerber fruit desserts for him to eat after his meals and get his daily intake of supps. Phew! what a pain in the you know what!

I took a single burner and toaster oven to make sure all of his food was cooked and stored in stainless steel without a microwave.

We charged his dvd player, had reservations for lunch and dinner at different parks and we were set!

We left the hotel at our leisure. No hurry, just playing it by ear. Other than the meals, everything was just slowly paced.

Well, he has a blast!

Here are the highlights:
- As we strolled in front of It's a small world he jumped out of his stroller, looked at us and said "YEEEEES!" and ran to the entrance. We ended up seeing this attraction 5 times. Luckily not all back to back. Wow! he was so happy, clapping and engaged.
- He rode Dumbo, the teacups, flying carpets , carrousel, the train, pooh, and even met the characters under the big tent! We used the GAC for everything and it was such a blessing as usual. He loved the parades too!

- We had lunch at the Liberty Tree Tavern near an outlet (for his dvd player). We love it there. While at lunch he said twice "I so happy!" WOW!

- He pointed more this past weekend then he has HIS ENTIRE LIFE. No joke! while at Downtown Disney he wanted to go back to the Lego store and he tugged my hand while pointing to it and said "LOOK!". Huh? a child with autism pointing? no way! well, yes way!

- Dinner was at the Plaza Restaurant where we were introduced to the allergy menu. Did you all know about this? a BINDER with all of the ingredients in everything they carry and items not on their menu. He tried the Tapioca Buns and had them down before I even took 4 bites of my meal!

- While we were leaving we caught a fireworks display which just topped off the night for him. He covered his ears and righfully so (it was like bombs!) but he had the biggest smile on his face and kept urging at me "Mommy! fireworks 1,2,3, go!" whenever there was a break in between. Too bad I was not at the control board. :)

- Not ONE tantrum during the Magic Kingdom trip!

- We also went to Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Sea World. Yup! can you believe it? he rode all shuttles patiently, waited to get on rides and just listened to me like he never has before!

- The aquarium and Nemo ride at Epcot was his favorite. He is still asking for Nemo now. Unfortunately he now has a Nemo obssession again and has not stopped watching the movie. The plus of it is that he is actually watching the entire movie which he never did before.

- We also caught the Illuminations fireworks show at Epcot which was just heaven for him.

- Sea World was also very nice. He loved when Shamu jumped and splashed everyone!

- I cannot wait to go back and see if this was for real or just a fluke.

- He has grown so much this summer already. The ABA and new supplements seem to be really doing a lot of good. It's the first time in a very long time that I am witnessing progress. I feel like he understands a lot of what I am saying a lot more. I was able to talk to him about animals and give him lots of information while in Orlando because he gave me amazing eye contact and was so patient the entire time.

- Only time will tell if this will continue but we are finally feeling good about his treatment.

Things coming up for us:
- We decided to continue the ABA afterschool for 10 hours a week once school returns.
- We will begin chelating in a couple of weeks again

It's never ending but at least there is a lot of significant progress now that helps us keep going and keep our focus!


GFCF Mommy said...

Yes!!! I am thrilled for all of you! Glad you got some of that Tinkerbell dust and Disney Magic! But really, I am sure it was the more relaxed travel companions (or lack therof!) and all your hard work (and your son's hard work) are paying off!


Jill said...

I know how hard Disney can be. We actually take our whole family every year for our son's birthday to reward him for all the pills and therapy and overall grief he has to go through being autistic. We go because of how easy the food is since all the restaurants have cool gluten and dairy free food. They also take the contamination thing very seriously. Also, the special needs pass is a life saver. Sometimes I take it for granted that we don't have to wait almost at all in line. Good for you for going again and I'm glad you had a better time.

Thomas Dzomba said...

I am sooo happy you had a great trip! We don't live close enough to do the Disney thing on either coast, but with yours and Katherine's experiences, we just may have to make a special trip!!


whizkidforte said...

I'm happy that your trip to WDW is better that time! I hope you can write more trip reports (not just WDW)!

Queenbee said...

and they have just gotten better and better! we came back from one recent one in January and it was by far the best one yet! He just knows the park so perfectly now and requests where he wants to go. It really makes it a dream for us. He also absolutely ADORES the fireworks show!!!